About Us

The creation of the Honours and Awards Committee in 1992 originates from the legislative requirements of the Merit Act 1992/1993 which then considers to repeal and savings under the Honours and Awards Act 1999. The Honours and Awards Committee is part of the Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Office.

Our Functions

The two (2) main functions of the Honours and Awards Committee are:

  1. To consider persons from all areas of Samoa and overseas who may be eligible for awards or honorary awards and to recommend to Cabinet the granting of an award to any of such persons where it considers that an award is justified; and
  2. To continuously review the suitability, where appropriate of persons who have received awards previously for the purpose of recommending to Cabinet the granting to them of higher or other awards.

What do we do?

We are responsible for the administration of honors and awards as stipulated in the Honours and Awards Act 1999 where the description of awards are classified in two (2) distinct areas and that includes the awards for civil service and awards for bravery and gallantry.

We meet on regular basis in facilitating all administrative and secretarial services to meet the requirements towards the processing of all received nominations for Honours or Awards. Once we receive nominations for both honours and awards, we are responsible to do preliminary assessments of all nominations forms. With completion of full assessments of all nominations forms in line with the approved set of selection criteria and requirements of the HAC Act 1999, and then prepare them for consideration and approval by the Cabinet. We publish the Honours and Awards Lists, and liaise with recipients of all honours and awards.

We also provide policy advice to the Prime Minister and Cabinet on the Samoan Honours and Awards System and how the management of the whole system is operated.

Making a Nomination

Anyone can make a nomination of someone that is eligible for a Samoan Honours or Awards. If you would like to start with your nomination, please read about the nomination guidelines and HAC Act 1999. You will be required to complete a nomination form, which you can download from the HAC Website (www.hac.gov.ws) or fill in online.

For more information

The website contains more information about Samoa Honours and Awards, or contact either Elena Ainuu (+685 22896) or email elena.ainuu@mpmc.gov.ws, Faaiuaso Samoa (+685 23205) or email faaiuaso.samoa@mpmc.gov.ws , Afioga Agafili Shem Leo (+685 20136) or email shem.leo@mpmc.gov.ws